Animation by Microbes

I’ve decided to start doing a broad-based personal blog focusing on my own animation work in particular and creative stuff in general. I discovered I had this old blog URL gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the internet, so I’m putting it to new use.
Here’s a little project I did a few months ago: Paperback books are often printed on cheap paper, so over time they are quit susceptible to damage. I wasn’t too pleased to find that a few of my old paperback were being eaten away by bookworms, but was fascinated to notice that the trails thy make as they bore their way through the pages work as a flip-book – one in which the pattern isn’t a creative recreation of life but an analogue record of life itself. It would be fascinating to make a whole film from book damage of this type but I expect it’s hard to find worm-eaten books that haven’t been thrown away! (Click on the image.)

Comp 2_00011


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